HSC Stud Connector

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Product features
– Innovative anchoring with a specially shaped anchor head
– Reduction of costly reinforcement loop with a straight anchor rod
– Extremely short anchoring lengths due to the forged anchor head
– Reduction in the amount of steel due to effective anchoring
– Shorter installation time and increased safety through simplified reinforcement configuration
– Flexibility thanks to an extensive product range
– Planning security owing to technical approvals according to EC 2
– No costly penetrations into the form work caused by screw connections

Disadvantage of conventional reinforcements:

  • complex reinforcement layout → high effort, high labor cost
  • Costly form work works
  • regulations in the standards are not clear-cut

Advantage of HALFEN HSC :

  • clear and reduced reinforcement layout → simple to install, recused labor cost
  • Reduced form work costs
  • clear-cut design guide lines owing to building control approval
  • 100% anchoring via head of anchor